North Apparel Company is a full-service house dedicated its focus on elusive styles and hard to attain cuts. We offer a private-label service at the Atelier level.

What are your minimums?

We don't have any minimums.

Is your company sustainable? Do you practice ethical manufacturing?

North Apparel Company uses the leading technology, fsbrics and advanced lean manufacturing methods to provide a sustainable option when it comes to clothing. By having our production in Canada, we can offer responsible working conditions and fair wages.

How can I buy wholesale?

You may submit your brand using the APPLY link. Your application will be manually reviewed within 1-3 business days and an email will be sent if approved.

How can I ensure my brand gets approved?

Our team manually and thoroughly reviews each application. We look over your IG accounts, website, read your concept, determine if you are a start-up or an established company, as well as any other relevant information to conclude if 1) it is a legitimate application and 2) if you are a reasonable fit for wholesale. Please be sure to have a website and/or Instagram account at the least before applying to showcase proof of your brand/company/concept.

Can we get samples?

Once your account is approved, you may buy samples and take advantage of our no minimum policy.

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